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                  A Letter to Exhibitors from 博狗体育

                  Recently, certain organizations are making exhibition invitations under the name of China Brew China Beverage (博狗体育) or similar names. To protect the benefits of our exhibitors, the organizers of 博狗体育 hereby make the following statement:

                  a). “CHINA BREW CHINA BEVERAGE——博狗体育 (biannual)” is the biggest liquid food trade show in Asia and one of the top platforms for the exchange and communication among the world liquid food industry communities, exerting strong global influence. 博狗体育 2018 will be held on Oct. 23– 26, 2018 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre, covering over 100,000 square meters. 博狗体育 is co-organized by China United Equipment Group Corporation, China Light Industry Machinery Association and Messe Munich International and hosted by Beijing Zhongqing Heli International Exhibition Co., Ltd and MMI (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

                  b). The official website of 博狗体育 is www.bdcqd.com; phone is 010-66017874,66085371, 66017794, 66012114, 66021536 and 021-20205565.

                  c). The imposture exhibition and industry events offered by certain organizations and individuals have seriously infringed the benefits of 博狗体育 and its organizers as well as misled our colleagues. The organizers of 博狗体育 hereby make a strong condemnation to such behaviour and reserve the right to resort to legal actions.

                  We would like to remind our colleagues again: be vigilant and stay away from such fraud events! For related information, please consult Beijing Zhongqing Heli International Exhibition Co., Ltd and MMI (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


                  Dec. 25, 2017

                  ASIA'S NO.1 WORLD-RENOWN